Sunday, June 27, 2010

Loading Day Number 2

So this morning I was only up .2 from yesterday. I ate as much as possible. I had bacon, bread, cheese, ice cream, etc... I was so stuffed. I even used my son's oily sunscreen when we went to the pool. I bought some oil free Coppertone Kids sunscreen today, yesterday my husband had found some Aveeno and we bought it but there's barely enough for 1 or 2 applications.

Today I've been eating things I will miss, I had a grilled stuffed taco for lunch from Taco John's. This became a favorite food of mine during pregnancy. I figured this would be the thing I miss most so I made sure to save it for today.

So after loading day one I'm at 208.2. I really thought I would have gained more. I am ready and scared for tomorrow. I spent an hour cutting strawberries and freezing them yesterday and weighing meats. My scale is awful so I'll be purchasing a new one this week. I've found several recipes to try but nothing that screams delicious at me yet so I'm hoping to find some more today.

My son is going to be napping then I think we are going back to the pool. Not a lot of excitement but I figured I'd share how my first loading day went.


  1. Just wanted to say Hi! Good luck and you CAN DO IT! Doing some food prep in batches will keep you on track. When you get hungry your food will be there. Measure out your meat in advance. Travel with an apple in your purse! Good luck. We will all be pulling for you!

  2. Don't worry about the lack of gain - I've had that happen too - not to worry! :)

    Tomorrow is the big day! YAY!!!

  3. No need to be scared of your first day! We're all here for you, and before you know it, it will seem like 'old hat' to you, and you'll be sharing with others how to do it! Have you gotten the P2 recipe book? If not, I would highly recommend it.

    Link here:

    Use this discount code: HCGRECIPES (be sure to use all caps when you enter it)

    Tammy's cookbook has been a lifesaver for many of us. This cookbook is in PDF format, she will e-mail you the link and a code for it, once you purchase it. She has a LOT of really wonderful recipes that will get you through. I know from reading your earlier posts that you're a bit nervous with how to incorporate some veggies into your diet, and I think this cookbook could be what you're looking for. One of my favorite recipes of hers is the chili. It has tomatoes in it, so you're getting a veggie there, the spices you use are so flavorful you're gonna love it!

    You're gonna do great- We're all pulling for you!!

  4. Ahhh I remember when we went to Taco John's. That place was awesome!!! I found some oil free sunscreen in a magazine... I will find it and text you the info. I am going to call you in a few to see how things are. I just have to get a shower and get ready for work first. So excited for day 1!!!